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The SU Chemistry and Biochemistry Camp is a day camp designed to give elementary students ages 8–10 years old the opportunity to perform a variety of chemistry experiments designed to teach basic chemical principles and to connect chemistry to the students’ everyday experiences. Instructors are Shippensburg University Chemistry department faculty members. SU Chemistry undergraduate students serve as counselors. We will spend the majority of our time in actual laboratories so students can truly experience what it is like to be a chemist.

Camp will simultaneously emphasize the fundamental concepts of chemistry (atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, the Periodic Table, mixtures, etc.) and how those concepts are used to explain phenomena that students’ experience on a regular basis. Possible topics include nutritional chemistry, kitchen chemistry, and environmental chemistry (soil and water). We will emphasize safe and proper laboratory experimentation and interpretation of results as the primary method of instruction. A typical day at camp will include four hands-on science experiments including fun things like blowing up gummy bears, separating the colors in an M&M, isolating DNA from a cow liver, and making water glow in the dark. We will have a faculty field biologist talk with us about their research (and even bring along some animal friends!).

Participants need no prior experience with chemistry to join this camp. Campers must be 8-10 years old. Campers must be able to provide their own transportation to and from Franklin Science Center (FSC) at Shippensburg University.


Chemistry & Biochemistry (Day)

Camp Fee:$225.00
June 27 - July 1, 2022

Ages 8-10