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The objective of the SU Cross Country Camp is to educate each athlete in the various aspects of distance running that we feel are important in achieving improvement and success. This camp will also serve as a preseason conditioning camp for individual runners or teams. We serve individual athletes as well as groups. This week would be an excellent opportunity to promote team unity and expose a group to distance training without other distractions. The camp is geared to help beginning and advanced runners. 

During the week, each athlete will learn about running form and efficiency, mental toughness, various types of workouts, flexibility, and strength training specifically for distance runners, cross training and racing techniques. Most runs are on dirt mountain roads, the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail, or on the university’s grass cross country course. Very little running will be on hard road surfaces. Staff interaction at this camp is excellent and this camp offers a chance to receive a week of training under the guidance of a very supportive staff. Campers are encouraged and supported in their efforts to run the minutes or mileage and paces that have been prescribed by their high school coach. Almost all runs are out and back, which allows campers to choose their appropriate pace and turn around point.


Cross Country

Camp Fee:$425.00
July 17-21, 2022
Grades 9-12