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The SCRC Leaders-In-Training Day Camp’s mission is to shape the bright young leaders of Shippensburg, for today and tomorrow! The Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC) is a collaborative effort to provide quality social services and youth programs that are accessible and safe and that recognize the dignity and worth of each person. Our goal is to help community members reach their full potential.

The four-day leadership camp is for students in the Shippensburg Area School District entering grades 7–12. Participants in the Leaders-in-Training Camp will receive instruction and participate in activities from the Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning (YELL) curriculum. Participants will develop leadership skills related to communication, listening, and critical thinking skills. They will volunteer at the SU Farm and learn about positive involvement in the community. The program helps youth to increase their confidence through engaging positive attitudes and beliefs about their ability to contribute and make a difference in their community.


SCRC Leaders-In-Training (Day)

Camp Fee:$50.00
*Scholarships to reduce or eliminate the camp fee are available. Please contact the SCRC Coordinator, Sonya Payne, at sp-scrc@shipresources.org for details.
June 6-9, 2022

All genders - Ages 12-17