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The SU Sprints and Hurdles Camp was developed in 2005 and has quickly attained a reputation for one of the finest camps of its kind in the Northeast. Over 1000 student-athletes have attended this camp over the years. Attention to detail along with a well-established training schedule has been well received by our students. Over a four-day period, the students attend no less than ten skill session training periods. This camp is specifically designed for hurdlers and sprinters.

The primary goal of the SU Sprints and Hurdles Camp is to assist each athlete in learning how to develop his/her athletic potential to their fullest extent. We will do this with a staff of outstanding coaches who will use the most recent teaching techniques in track and field. The camp will strive to improve each athlete's skill level, mental toughness, flexibility and strength, and quickness/explosiveness.

All participants will receive specific instruction on the events of his/ her choice. With the aid of video equipment and coaches, the athlete will be evaluated and then taught drills to improve his/her skill level. In addition to the “learn by doing” part of the clinic, there will be lectures, films, and demonstrations for each event. Much attention will be given to the mental aspect of track and field. Athletes will be taught relaxation and mental visualization techniques and how to develop mental toughness.

Our track and field camps put a strong emphasis to hands on training. One-on-one communication with clinicians and counselor is paramount so as camp numbers grow, we also increase the size of our coaching staff.


Sprints and Hurdles

July 10-13, 2022
Grades 9-12