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Started in 2003, SU Throws Camp has gained a reputation as one of the finest throws camps east of the Mississippi river. Student-athletes enjoy no less than ten skill sessions that are situated over a four-day period. This camp is a hands-on throwing camp. Over 1,000+ student-athletes have attended.

The SU Throws Camp is designed to be a throws-specific camp, which meets or exceeds the quality of all throws camps in the region. The quality of the camp stems from the background, experience, knowledge, expertise, and care from our clinicians. This camp has developed a tremendous amount of highly successful high school and college throwers.

All aspects of the throwing events will be covered by using proper throwing techniques, including plyometrics, weight training, mental training, proper diet, and other aspects of throws-specific training.

The SU Throws Camp provides throwers with high-level instruction, but on a more personal scale and a more reasonable cost. We have an excellent staff to student-athlete ratio that allows for an abundance of one-on-one interaction with the clinicians and staff. As the camp numbers grow, staff is added. To keep the camp interaction at its maximum level, the camp cutoff number is ninety athletes.



July 17-20, 2022

Grades 9-12